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The sitter was identified as 'Willoughby' on the album page. A pencilled inscription on the reverse of the mount gives a date, 'late October 65.' Other portraits in the same album included James 'Holy' Johnson and the missionary Joseph Sewell with two Madagascan converts, indicating that the compiler of the album had a special interest in missionary work and African Christianity.

The location of the photographer's studio on Upper Street in North London is significant: the Church Missionary College was also on Upper Street in Islington. Willoughby may well have been a student there. Indeed, a West African by the name of Eugene Samuel Willoughby was ordained a deacon in 1880 and a priest in 1882, having previously attended the Church Missionary College in Islington, but unfortunately the dates of his career don't quite correspond with the date on the back of this portrait.

Photographed by Armstead and Maltby of Upper Street, Islington.


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