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Viscountess Hood

Viscountess Hood

Mary Isabella Tibbits was born in or about 1819 at Barton Seagrave in Northamptonshire. Her father was Richard John Tibbits. On 27 June 1837 she married Samuel Hood-Tibbits, 3rd Viscount Hood of Whitley. The marriage produced three sons.

Her first husband died on 8 May 1846. On 6 May 1849, Lady Hood married George Hall, MD. She married thirdly John Borlasse Maunsell on 17 June 1858, a retired army officer who changed his surname to Tibbits by Royal Licence that same year.

She appears on the 1851 census, living with her second husband at Barton Seagrave Hall in Northamptonshire. He is recorded as George Hall, magistrate, while she is Mary I. Hood, Viscountess.

She appears on the 1861 census, living with her third husband, still at Barton Seagrave Hall. His surname is recorded as Tibbits while she is still Mary I. Hood, Viscountess. The household comprised 21 servants.
Lady Hood died on 18 July 1904.

Photographed by the Southwell Brothers of London.


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