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The Thames at Henley

The Thames at Henley

A carte-de-visite showing a view of the River Thames at Henley.

The photographer is standing on the Berkshire side of the river looking towards the Oxfordshire side. The large buildings on the left are the New Mills; one was a corn mill and the other a paper mill. They were in operation as late as 1903 but by 1915 they were in a ruinous state. They were demolished some time before 1925.

The stone building on the right was the home of the mill owner. For a while during the twentieth century it was the home of the entertainer Danny La Rue and it is still standing today.

The wooden structure is the Horse Bridge. Although it has been rebuilt, possibly more than once, a version of it is still there.

Photographed by Alfred and Edward Seeley of Richmond.


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