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The Little Western

The Little Western

Fredrick Norman and George Thomas performed the second double crossing of the Atlantic in a small boat. They departed from Gloucester, Massachusetts on 12 June 1880, watched by a crowd of 30,000 spectators, in the Little Western, a 16 ft American dory, and landed at Cowes on the Isle of Wight on 28 July 1880. They stayed in England for a year and then embarked on their return journey on 15 June 1881. After a difficult crossing, they arrived back in America 65 days later.

According to the information printed on the reverse of the mount, Frederick Norman was a native of Norway and George Thomas was originally from Halifax in Nova Scotia, but both men were citizens of New York. ‘The Little Western sailed from Gloucester, Mass, the 12th of June for London, and accomplished the perilous voyage across the Atlantic in 43 days. She is the smallest boat that has ever carried greetings from the New World to the Old, performing the voyage in the shortest time on record.’

Photographer unidentified, but presumably taken during the two men’s year in England, given that the printed information verso only mentions the West-East crossing.


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