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Sybil Jones

Sybil Jones

Sybil Jones (1808-1873) was the wife of the Quaker missionary Eli Jones. She and her husband went to Liberia in 1851, later travelling to various countries in Europe, including England, Ireland, France, Norway and Germany.

Sybil Jones worked in hospitals in the area of Washington during the Civil War, ministering to the wounded. She was in the capital when Lincoln was assassinated and paid visits to Lincoln's widow and to Secretary Stanton at the White House in the days immediately following the assassination. In 1867 she and her husband travelled to the Middle East, where they worked in Palestine and Syria. They founded a girls’ school at Ramallah, originally called The Girls’ Training Home of Ramallah, renamed The Friends Girls’ School in 1919 and still in existence today.

Photographed by Mr S. Prout Newcombe at The London School of Photography.


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