Sd. Mustafa Ben-Yusuf

Sd. Mustafa Ben-Yusuf

Born Mustapha Moussa Ben Youseph Nathan in Algeria, he moved to London and settled in Hammersmith. During the 1870s, Sidi (or Sayyid) Mustafa Ben-Yusuf presented occasional lectures on Arab culture on behalf of the Moslem Mission Society. He also enrolled at Cambridge University, but did not graduate.

He married firstly Anna Kind, originally from Berlin, by whom he had four daughters, the first born in 1869. He married secondly Henrietta Crane, by whom he had another daughter and a son who died in infancy in 1893.

His first wife was later a milliner in Boston and his eldest daughter Zaida was a fashionable and successful portrait photographer in New York (1897-1907), later following her mother's profession.

He appears on the 1871 census, living at 13 Bury New Road, Cheetham, Manchester. He gave Algiers as his place of birth, but the enumerator has later added the letters 'B.S.' for British Subject. At the time of the census Mustafa Ben-Yusuf was a 'Student for Holy Orders'. Anna was born in Berlin. She and Mustafa were both 24 years old.

Photographed by Hills and Saunders of Cambridge and Oxford.


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