Rev. and Mrs. H. D. de Brisay

Rev. and Mrs. H. D. de Brisay

Identified in the Silvy daybooks as 'Rev. H. D. de Bussy and Mrs de Brisag and child [the lady's name having been altered in ink from Bussy to Brisag], this is certainly Henry Delacour de Brisay. According to the Clergy List of 1862, he was Curate of Barnes in Surrey. He was later the Vicar of Tettenhall in Staffordshire.

He and his wife Jane appear on the 1861 census, living at Barnes Lodge at Barnes in Surrey, together with their two-year-old daughter, Jane, and their one-year-old son, Henry. Also present on the night of the census were 4 live-in servants. Mrs de Brisay was born on Jersey.

Their daughter Jane Marguerite de Brisay was born at Barnes in the December ¼ of 1858.

Reverend de Brisay died at the age of 84 in the September ¼ of 1916. The death was registered in the district of Headington in Oxfordshire. His wife, Jane Amelia de Brisay, died in the March ¼ of 1904, also in the district of Headington.

Photographed by Camille Silvy on 20 September 1861.

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