Rev. William Barry

Rev. William Barry (1803-1884)

An inked inscription verso identifies the sitter as 'Revd. William Barry' of 'Blisworth Rectory'.

The Rev. William Barry, MA Trinity College, Cambridge, was instituted into the living of Blisworth in 1839. He evidently disapproved of the old Rectory for in 1841 he built a fine new Rectory, in Elizabethan style, with stables and a substantial coach house, all demolished in 1864 in order to widen the High Street. During the Rev. Barry’s 45 years as Rector he oversaw many alterations and made many gifts to the church.

Reverend Barry appears on the 1861 census, living at Blisworth Rectory in Northamptonshire with his wife, Frances; a son, George, aged 15; and a son, Henry, aged 13. At the time of the census, he was 58 years old, so he was born in or about 1803. He gave Whitby in Yorkshire as his place of birth. His wife, Frances, who was born in the East Indies, had five live-in servants to help her run the house, including a lady's maid, a cook and a coachman.

Reverend William Barry died in 1884 at the age of 81. The death was registered in the district of Towcester [Northamptonshire], so presumably he died in his parish, Blisworth.

Photographed by Camille Silvy on 27 June 1862.

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