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Rev. St. A. H. M. St. Aubyn

Rev. St. A. H. M. St. Aubyn (1833-1913)

Entered in the Silvy daybooks as St. A. H. M. St. Aubin, this is certainly Rev. Sir St Aubyn Hender Molesworth-St Aubyn, born 27 December 1833, vicar of Collingham in Yorkshire from 1868 to 1874, who gained the title 12th Baronet Molesworth-St. Aubyn. His seat was at Clowance in Cornwall.

He married, firstly, on 3 June 1862 Caroline, third daughter of Rev. Charles Wheler of Ledstone Hall, Yorkshire, and had issue. (She died 8 June 1899). He married, secondly, on 2 September 1902, Ingebord Alfhild, O.B.E. (1920), daughter of Johan Viggo Sigvald Muller of Beaucliffe, Newquay, Cornwall.

Rev. Molesworth-St. Aubyn died on 18 May 1913, when he was succeeded by his elder son.

Photographed by Camille Silvy on 11 April 1862.

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