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Remembering a lost companion

Remembering a lost companion

A carte-de-visite portrait of a trio of trombone players. An extensive inked inscription verso makes it clear that the trio was once a quartet and that the trombone on the fourth chair represents the three men's departed companion.

According to the inscription, the three men seen here are Messrs Berkel (66 yrs old), Weiss (71 yrs old) and Till (68 yrs old) 'three of a quartette of trombonists who celebrated the 50th anniversary of their service as such in the Bethlehem Church at Bethlehem - on Easter 1867. The vacant chair represents the fourth of the quartette - a brother of Mr Weiss accidentally killed some years ago.'.

Photographed by H.P. Osborne of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.


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