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Queen Victoria and family

Queen Victoria and family

A cabinet card showing members of the royal family seated around a table with an elderly Queen Victoria. Two of her Indian servants are standing behind the Queen, presumably there to serve the meal and wait upon the Queen and her guests. According the website of the National Portrait Gallery, this photograph is entitled ‘A Royal Luncheon Party at Windsor’ and was taken in 1896.

The members of her family seen here with the Queen are Princess Beatrice and her husband, Prince Henry of Battenberg, and their children: Alexander; Victoria Eugenie, known as ‘Ena’ within the family, later Queen of Spain; and Leopold.

The 1875 portrait of the Queen by Heinrich von Angeli can be seen on the wall in the background.

Photographed by the Danish photographer Mary Steen; published by Russell and Sons of London and Windsor.

An engraving after the photograph was reproduced in the Illustrated London News on 8 February 1896 (page 177). It was titled: 'A Royal Luncheon Party at Windsor: Her Majesty The Queen with Prince and Princess Henry of Battenberg and Their Children / After a Photograph from Life by Mary Steen.'


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