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Queen Victoria and Princess Beatrice

Queen Victoria and Princess Beatrice

A carte-de-visite portrait of Queen Victoria with her youngest child, Princess Beatrice, sitting on her lap. The photograph was taken in October 1862. Members of the British royal family were in Brussels for the engagement of the Prince of Wales to Princess Alexandra of Denmark, which took place at Laeken, the palace of Queen Victoria’s uncle, King Leopold. Princesses Helena and Louise and Princes Arthur and Leopold, as well as the Duchess of Brabant, were all photographed on the same occasion, and the resulting portraits were entered at Stationers’ Hall on 16 January 1863.

Photographed by Ghémar Frères [Louis Ghémar and his half-brother, Léon Louis Auverlaux] of Brussels.

Published by A. Marion and Sons of 23, Soho Square, London.


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