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Princess Leiningen

Princess Leiningen

A carte-de-visite portrait of Princess Leiningen (1834-1899).

Marie of Baden was the second daughter and seventh child of Leopold, from 1832 Grand-Duke of Baden, and his wife, Sophie of Sweden. On 11 September 1858 she married Ernst, 4th Prince of Leiningen, the son of Queen Victoria's half-brother.They had two children, Alberta (1863-1901) and Emich (1866-1939).

Her death was announced briefly in The Times on 22 November 1899 and then more fully the following day: ‘The Queen has received the sad intelligence of the death of Her Majesty’s niece, the Princess of Leiningen, which has caused her deep grief, as the Queen was devotedly attached to the Princess, who had often visited Her Majesty, and was beloved by all who knew her. The Princess of Leiningen, who was the sister of the Grand Duke of Baden and the Duchess Alexandrine of Coburg, was married to the Queen’s nephew, the Prince of Leiningen.

Photographed by the Southwell Brothers of London.


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