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Oxford students with dogs

Oxford students with dogs

A portrait of six Oxford students, two of whom are accompanied by their pet dog. Both men named their dog 'Rose', according to the pencilled inscription in the lower margin.

The men are identified as Sheringham and Lucas (standing in the back row), Williamson (seated in the centre of the group), Malet, Matthews and Fletcher (seated in the front).

These are probably William Archibald Sheringham (later Rector of Donnington near Wolverhampton); William Tindall Lucas (later a bank director); Frederick Clements Williamson (later a Curate); Clement Drake Elton Malet (later Rector of Lympston in Devon); John Leonard Matthews (later a barrister-at-law); and John Walter Fletcher (also later a barrister-at-law). All of them were students around 1869-1871 at Pembroke College, Oxford.

From an album compiled by Malet's older brother Captain Harold Esdaile Wyndham Malet (1841-1918), who attained the rank of Colonel in the service of the 18th Hussars. In 1876 he published Annals of the Road, or, Notes on Mail and Stage Coaching in Great Britain.

Photographer and location unidentified.


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