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Outing to Epping Forest

Outing to Epping Forest

The location is unidentified but the photograph follows a watercolour showing a children's picnic at Highfield in the Epping Forest.

The group includes an unidentified black woman near the centre of the back row.

From an album presented to Annie F. Childe by her father, Reverend Charles Frederick Childe (1807-1897) on 19 August 1862, according to a hand-painted dedication on the first page. From 1839 to 1858 he was the principal of the Church Missionary College in Islington. From 1858 to 1884 he was the Rector of Holbrook in Suffolk. He also appears to have been involved with a reformatory for wayward boys.

‘The number of omnibuses, vans, and other vehicles passing through Stratford with holiday-folk en route for Epping Forest during the present summer has probably exceeded in number that of any previous season for several years past. There is scarcely a firm in the Eastern suburbs of the metropolis which has not subscribed in aid of their workmen paying a visit to the forest, not to mention the various charity and other schools who have participated in the same rustic enjoyment. The proximity of the forest to the metropolis, and its easy access by rail, omnibus, and other vehicles, has rendered it a favourite resort of the East end “cockneys” during the summer and autumn months.’ [The Essex Standard, 16 September 1859.]

Photographer unidentified.


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