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Mrs Spencer-Stanhope and Miss Buxton

Mrs Spencer-Stanhope and Miss Buxton

These are the daughters of the baronet Sir John Jacob Buxton (1788-1842).

Elizabeth Julia Buxton was born on 23 February 1831. She appears on the 1851 census living at 128 Kings Road in Brighton with her widowed mother and her younger sister Isabella, aged 13.

On 17 January 1856 Elizabeth married Walter Thomas William Spencer-Stanhope, son of John Spencer Stanhope and Lady Elizabeth Wilhelmina Coke. The marriage produced at least seven children. Elizabeth died in 1880, aged 49.

Isabella Anne Buxton was born on 30 January 1838. On 25 July 1863 she married Edward Earle Gascoigne Bulwer, a Lieutenant in the 21st Fusileers (later General Sir Edward Earle Gascoigne Bulwer). The marriage produced six children. Isabella died in 1883, aged 45.

Photographed in London on 1 June 1861 by Camille Silvy.

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