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Mr and Mrs Frederick Drummond

Mr and Mrs Frederick Drummond

Born Frederick Thomas Drummond on 24 June 1818, his parents were John Drummond and Georgina Augusta née Harvey. On 25 April 1850 he married Agnes Caroline Brigstocke, daughter of W. P. Brigstocke.

Mr and Mrs Drummond appear on the 1861 census, staying with Mr Drummond’s parents, John and Georgina Drummond, at Southborough Park House at Kingston in Surrey. Frederick Drummond was 42 years old and born in London. He described himself as ‘Stock Broker.’ His wife was 32 and born in Somerset. Also present on the night of the census was their three-year-old son, John, born in the ‘East Indies.’

Frederick Drummond died on 12 October 1877, at the age of 59. Mrs Drummond died in the September ¼ of 1899, at the age of 70. Her death was registered in the district of Brighton.

Photographed in London on 20 May 1861 by Camille Silvy.


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