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Monsignor Dupanloup

Monsignor Dupanloup

Monsignor Félix Antoine Philibert Dupanloup, was Bishop of Orléans from 1849 and one of the foremost educationalists in France. He exerted strong pressure on public policy, especially in education, and was active in securing for the Church the right to conduct voluntary schools. Later he was a strong advocate of the Pope's claims against the House of Savoy. At the First Vatican Council (1870) he strongly advised the minority, of whom he was one, to abstain from voting and to withdraw, but he loyally accepted the decisions of the Council when promulgated.

Photographed by Disdéri of Paris.

Another photograph taken on the same occasion shows the monsignor surrounded by some twenty-six members of the teaching staff of the seminary of la Chapelle de St. Mesmin.

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