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Mlle Marguerite

Mlle Marguerite

A carte-de-visite portrait of young actress or dancer identified as Mlle Marguerite of the Délassements-Comiques.

This is possibly the same woman who is listed as 'Marguerite [of the] Variétés Théâtre' in The Pretty Women of Paris, a semi-pornographic guide to the city's poules de luxe privately printed in 1883. She was, apparently, 'a jolly and agreeable woman, and although only entrusted with small parts, is very fond of her profession, and is always exact at rehearsals. [...] She blithely answers the call of all admirers with money, and has no regular keeper [...] and at night is ready to sup with any spectator who deigns to wait for her at the stage door.'

Photographed by Vaury of Paris.

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