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Miss Sophia Charlotte Thursby

Miss Sophia Charlotte Thursby

A carte-de-visite portrait of Miss Sophia Charlotte Thursby (1840-1925).

Born at Ormerod in Lancashire on 18 July 1840, she was the youngest daughter of the Reverend William Thursby (1795-1883) and Eleanor Mary née Hargreaves (1803-1883). In 1834 her parents inherited 'a great colliery concern in Burnley' on the death of Mrs Thursby's father. 'The collieries have increased immensely in value during the past fifty years, which enabled the executors to indulge in that princely munificence which has characterised the life of the Thursby family in more recent years, and the generosity at all times displayed has made itself felt in may beneficial ways' (Blackburn Standard, 5 February 1887).

The 1861 census shows her living with her parents at Ormerod House, Ormerod, Lancashire.

She never married. Miss Sophia Charlotte Thursby of Montpelier Hall died in Brighton, aged 85, on 10 June 1925. Her estate was valued at £85,783.

Photographed on 10 July 1862 by Camille Silvy of London.

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