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Miss Evelyn Bagot

Miss Evelyn Bagot

Miss Evelyn Bagot was the daughter of Major-General Edward Richard Bagot (1808-1874) and his wife Matilda (née Perkins).

She appears on the 1851 census, living at 34, Eaton Square, London, with her parents Edward and Matilda Bagot, her sister Ethel and their brothers Ponsonby and Villiers. At the time of the census she was 8 years old, so she was born in or about 1843. Also present on the night of the census were a governess and eight live-in servants.

On 24 September 1869 she married Captain Augustus Woodley Bernal at St Michael's, Chester Square. Her husband was the son of the politician and art collector Ralph Bernal and brother of Bernal Osborne, also a politician.

At the time of the 1871 the couple were living at 31 Chester Square in London with the first of their five children and Captain Bernal's widowed mother.

Mrs Evelyn Bernal died, aged only 34, on 21 April 1877 at 34 St George's Road, Eccleston Square. Her infant daughter, Evelyn Marguerite Bagot, died shortly afterwards on 2 May 1877, aged eleven and a half months.

[From an album compiled by Anna Maria Louisa Barnewall, daughter of Lord Trimleston.]

Photographed by Camille Silvy on 9 October 1861.

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