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Miss Amicia Mainwaring

Miss Amicia Mainwaring

Identified on the album page as ‘Amy Mainwaring / youngest daughter of above’, this is Amicia Mainwaring, daughter of George Mainwaring (1790-1865) of the Indian Civil Service. Her mother was Isabelle née Byers, daughter of Lt. Gen. Byers. [Portraits of both her parents appear on the same album page.]

She and her parents appear on the 1861 census, living at 17 Gloucester Crescent North in Paddington. At the time of the census, Amicia was 15 years old, so she was born in or about 1846. Her parents were 69 and 61 respectively, so she was almost certainly the last of their children. She was born in Blandford Square, Marylebone.

Confusingly, there was another Amicia Mainwaring in London at the same time. Mrs Townshend Mainwaring presented her daughter Amicia at court on 21 June 1867 (The Times, 22 June 1867). Her full name was Amicia Mary Mainwaring and her father was Townshend Mainwaring (1807-1883) of Marchwiel Hall, Denbighshire in Wales. Since one girl was born in Wales and the other in London, there is no confusion between them.

The Amicia Mainwaring seen here never married. She appears on the 1901 census, aged 55, ‘living on [her] own means’ at Parkstone in Dorset.

She died at St Denys, Poole Road, Bournemouth on 24 November 1924.


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