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Miss Amelia and Master Walter Sandeman

Miss Amelia and Master Walter Sandeman

Identified on the album page as 'Miss Emilia [sic] Sandeman and Brother,' the girl seen here is Amelia Mary Cecelia Sandeman. She was born in Oporto in 1856, the daughter of Albert George Sandeman and his wife Carlotta. The boy with her in this portrait is almost certainly her brother, Walter Albert Sandeman, born in 1858. Four other siblings were born later.

From an album compiled by Charles Balfour, a British wine merchant importing sherry and port from Portugal. Born in Edinburgh on 22 August 1822, his father was James Balfour. In May 1852 he married Mary Ermelinda, daughter of Robert Woodhouse of Oporto in Portugal. The couple were married at the consulate then afterwards at the British chapel in Oporto. Charles Balfour died on 12 January 1876.

Photographed by Camille Silvy of London on 28 January 1861.

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