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Marquess of Carmarthen

Marquess of Carmarthen

A carte-de-visite portrait of the Marquess of Carmarthen (1828-1895), later the 9th Duke of Leeds.

The Marquess of Carmarthen is a courtesy title held by the eldest son of the Duke of Leeds.

George Godolphin Osborne was born in Paris on 11 August 1828, the eldest son of the 8th Duke of Leeds and Harriet Emma Arundel Stewart. He succeeded to his father’s titles in 1872.

On 16 January 1861, he married Hon. Frances Georgiana Pitt-Rivers. They had four daughters and five sons, including his heir, George Osborne.

The 9th Duke of Leeds died on 23 December 1895.

Photographed by Camille Silvy of London on 6 December 1861.


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