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Mariono Fernandez

Mariano Fernandez

Mariano Fernandez – known as ‘Chorrojumo’- was one of the best known figures of Grenada in the latter half of the nineteenth century. The self-styled ‘Prince of the Gypsies’ made his living escorting tourists around the Alhambra, telling tales of his glorious past and through the sales of his photographic portraits. He died in 1906.

His name – Chorrojumo – derived from a contraction in the local speech patterns of the words for ‘stream of smoke’.

A pencilled inscription verso in a period hand reads: 'Retrato de Mariano Fernandez, Principe de los Gitanos, y modelo del immortal Fortuny' [English: 'Portrait of Mariano Fernandez, Prince of the Gypsies and model of the immortal Fortuny'].

Photographer unidentified.


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