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Lord Alfred Spencer-Churchill

Lord Alfred Spencer-Churchill

A carte-de-visite portrait of Lord Alfred Spencer-Churchill (1824-1893), who twice served as the Member of Parliament for Woodstock.

Lord Alfred Spencer-Churchill was born on 24 April 1824, the son of George Spencer-Churchill, 6th Duke of Marlborough and Lady Jane Stewart. He gained the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel in the service of the Oxfordshire Yeomanry and twice held the office of Member of Parliament for Woodstock, firstly between 1845 and 1847 and then again between 1857 and 1865.

He married Hon. Harriet Louisa Hester Gough-Calthorpe, daughter of Frederick Gough, 4th Baron Calthorpe and Lady Charlotte Sophia Somerset, on 5 February 1857. The couple had four daughters.

Lord Alfred Spencer-Churchill died on 21 September 1893, aged 69.

Photographed by Camille Silvy of London.

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