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Les frères Lionnet

Les frères Lionnet

Hippolyte and Anatole Lionnet were twin singers, born in Paris on 16 April 1832. The brothers became extremely popular during the Second Empire, due to both their extraordinary resemblance to one another and for their talent. They introduced the public to Gounod’s first melodies, and interpreted the works of, amongst others, Delsarte, Nadaud, Dartier and Dupont. In 1888 they published Souvenirs et Anecdotes in which they remembered their career. They both died in 1896.

The brothers were among those who performed at the re-opening of Disdéri's studio at 8, boulevard des Italiens on 2 April 1860, after it had been remodelled.

Photographed by Disdéri of Paris.


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