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Lady Mildmay

Lady Mildmay

Born Hon Helena Shaw-Lefevre, she was the daughter of Charles Shaw-Lefevre, 1st and last Viscount Eversley of Heckfield. On 6 February 1851 she married Sir Henry Bouverie Paulett St. John-Mildmay, 5th Bt., son of Sir Henry St. John Carew St. John-Mildmay, 4th Bt. and Charlotte née Bouverie.

She appears on the 1861 census, aged 37, living at Heckfield Lodge in Hampshire with her four daughters, two sons and ten servants. She gave Viscount’s Daughter and Baronet’s Wife as her rank. Her husband was elsewhere on the night the census was taken.

Lady St.John-Mildmay died on 15 September 1897.

Photographed by the Southwell Brothers of London.


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