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Mrs Astley

Mrs Astley

This particular portrait comes from an album in which the sitter was clearly identified as 'Lady Astley.' However, the same portrait appears in the 'Westmoreland album' held by the Getty Museum, and there the sitter is identified as 'Mrs Astley.' In that album, her portrait appears alongside that of a sitter identified as 'Col. Astley,' presumably her husband.

This is therefore probably Rosalind Alicia Astley (née Frankland), the second wife of Colonel Francis L'Estrange Astley (1810-1866), who commanded the Norfolk Artillery from 1855 until his death. Born in or about 1829, she was the daughter of Sir Robert Frankland (later Frankland-Russell). On 7 September 1854 she married Colonel Francis L'Estrange Astley. She died on 27 August 1900.

Photographed by W. Farey of Kettering.

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