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King Carl XV of Sweden

King Carl XV of Sweden

A carte-de-visite portrait of King Charles XV [Swedish: Carl or Karl] of Sweden and Norway [called Karl IV in Norway].

Born in Stockholm in 1826, he succeeded his father, King Oscar I, on 8 July 1859. Charles was an intelligent and artistically inclined ruler much liked in both kingdoms. The royal power, however, was considerably reduced during his reign as the Riksdag and executive assumed increasing power. Among important new liberal measures that enjoyed his support was the introduction of a bi-cameral legislature. A champion of Pan-Scandinavianism and political solidarity among the three northern kingdoms, Charles unwisely gave a half-promise of help—which his ministers were unable to back—to Denmark during the Schleswig-Holstein crisis of 1864. He strived to strengthen the bond between Sweden and Norway as well, but his efforts were undermined by the Norwegian parliament. He died on 18 September 1872 and was succeeded by his brother, Oscar II.

Photographed by Mathias Hansen of Stockholm.

From an album compiled by Charles Heneage (1841-1901), a junior diplomat who later worked as a journalist.


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