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Joseph Sladen and Augusta Yates

Joseph Sladen and Augusta Yates

The bride is Augusta St John Yates (1843-1928), daughter of Joseph St John Yates of Wellbank, Sandbach. On 19 April 1865 at St Mary’s Church in Sandbach she married Joseph Sladen of Hartsbourne Manor, Hertfordshire. He became a judge in the Bengal Civil Service and died on 28 January 1887. The couple had five children.

The names of the wedding party are neatly written in ink on the reverse of the mount:

1. Oswald Yates [Oswald Vavasour Yates, 1855-1925]
2. Miss Kate Sladen
3. Miss Selina Dickson
4. Miss Ethel Sladen
5. Mr Frank Farquhar
6. Miss Diana Yates
7. Walter Yates [Walter Baldwyn Yates, 1857-1947]
8. Miss Kate Lane
9. Rev. E. H. M. Sladen [Edward Henry Mainwaring Sladen, 1814-1884]
10. Mr Chomley [sic] Yates [Cholmeley Russell Yates, 1849-1883]
11. Rev. Ernest Tollemache [Ernest Celestine Tollemache, 1838-1880]
12. Mr George Lenox
13. Mr Yates [Joseph St John Yates, 1808-1887]
14. Mrs Joseph Sladen (bride) [Augusta St John Yates, 1843-1928]
15. Mr Joseph Sladen (groom)
16. Mr Harry Yates [Henry Townley Scott Yates, 1846-1924]
17. Mr Ed. Farquhar
18. Mr Herbert Swift
19. Mrs Yates [Emily Augusta née Scott, 1822-1899]
20. Miss Jessie Armistead
21. Miss Sarah Dickson
22. Mr Jos. Mughull Yates [Joseph Maghull Yates, 1844-1916]

Photographed by W. Fox of Sandbach in Cheshire.


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