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Francis Philip Stanier-Broade

Francis Philip Stanier-Broade

A carte-de-visite portrait of Francis Philip Stanier-Broade (1838-1900), who had various names during his lifetime. He was born Francis Stanier on 30 January 1838. On 12 August 1856 he changed his name legally to Francis Philip Stanier-Broade on inheriting the estate of Philip Barnes Broade. In 1876 he changed his name back to Francis Stanier by Royal Licence.

He appears on the 1861 staying at Cowes on the Isle of Wight with his mother and his wife. He gave his name as ‘F. Stanier Broade’ and described himself as a ‘Merchant’. In 1871 he was living at Betley Hall in Staffordshire with his wife, family and 13 servants, with more servants - gardeners and a farm bailiff - living outside the house. Again, he gave his name as Francis Stanier-Broade and this time described himself as a ‘Landowner and Iron Master’.

Francis Stanier-Broade was also a Captain in the 3rd King’s Own Staffordshire Militia. On 6 June 1860 he married Caroline Judith Justice, daughter of General William Justice. The couple had six children.

Francis Stanier died on 7 October 1900.

Photographed by John Daniel Cogan of 38 Milsom Street, Bath.


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