Fisher Howarth Simmonds

Fisher Howarth Simmonds

A carte-de-visite showing a group of men and a small boy standing around a large bell. A plaque on the frame supporting the bell reads in part: ‘The Queen Bell / Cast by F.H. Simmonds’. Fisher Howarth Simmonds is presumably the man standing on the right and looking directly into the camera. The small boy is presumably one of his sons.

Fisher Howarth [sometimes Howorth] Simmonds was born at Charlton in Surrey in or about 1831. In 1855 he married Mary Ann Elizabeth Daniel in Hackney. They appear on the 1861 census living at 35 Sicilian Street in Shoreditch with their three children. Their eldest son, Fisher Simmonds, was born on 30 September 1857 at 2 Paradise Row, Bethnal Green. When he was baptised, his father gave ‘Bell founder’ as his profession.

In 1871 the family were living at 21 New Charles Street in Islington. The couple now had seven children. The eldest, Mary Ann was 15; the youngest, a son named Hebron, was 2 years old.

Fisher Simmonds died in Holborn on 29 May 1877, aged 46. According to the abstract of his will, he was a ‘Brass Founder’ late of 21 New Charles Street, Islington. Probate was granted to his widow, Mary Anne Elizabeth Simmonds. His personal estate was valued at under £800.

In 1891 Fisher, his eldest son, was a ‘Brassfounder’ like his father and still living at the same address where his father had died in 1877. He died in Holborn on 10 March 1908, aged 50. At the time of his death he was living at 24 New Charles Street, Islington. His effects were valued at £1081 and probate was granted to his youngest brother, Hebron Albert Fisher, also a brass founder.

Photographed by William Samuel Atwood of 113 Pentonville Road, London.


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