Father Theobald Langton SJ

Father Theobald Langton SJ

A carte-de-visite portrait of the Reverend Theobald Langton of the Society of Jesus.

On 15th September 1866, The Tablet reprinted a report from a local paper in British Guiana, on the north coast of South America:

'We have to announce the death of the Rev. Theobald Langton, S.J., which took place at Berbice (British Guiana), on the 8th August, and which, though he was almost a stranger amongst us, has caused universal regret. The reverend deceased was born on the 17th September, 1830, and was a native of London, where his family resided. He received his early education at the Benedictine College, Downside. He afterwards studied the law for a time, but, being convinced that his vocation was the priesthood, he entered Stonyhurst College, and, on the 24th January, 1854, joined the Society of Jesus. During his course of Philosophy he took the degree of B.A. in the University of London, taught a course of Humanities at Stonyhurst College, and, after four years of Theology, was ordained priest. He was soon afterwards sent to the mission of Galashiels, Scotland. In consequence of a telegraphic message which he received, he left, at a few days' notice, to join the Right Rev. Dr. Etheridge, at Southampton, for the purpose of proceeding to Demerara. They left England on the 2nd January last, accompanied by the Rev. Father Falcone, S.J., who died within two months after his arrival in this country. In Georgetown the Rev. Father Langton, in addition to his missionary labours, undertook to teach a few pupils, by way of forming the nucleus of a grammar school. In the performance of this laudable work the Rev. Father gave the greatest satisfaction. On the 1st August he left Georgetown by steamer for Berbice, to pass the time of vacation in discharging the duties of the Rev. Father Walker, S.J., whose health had rendered a change of climate necessary. The Bishop, learning in Georgetown that Father Langton had an attack of fever, though not an alarming one, and fearing, from his knowledge of the good Father's constitution, that even a slight attack might prove serious, at once proceeded to Berbice. His lordship arrived in time to have the melancholy satisfaction of administering the last rites of the Church, and within two hours afterwards the Rev. Father died calmly and without a struggle —something extraordinary, considering his youth and physical strength. The sad event took place at 8 p.m. There was a full church at the celebration of the Rev. Father's obsequies and, though he was little known in Berbice, his funeral was numerously attended. Father Langton was buried in the cemetery.'

Photographed by Ross and Thomson of Edinburgh.

From an album compiled by Mrs Margaret Cecelia Langton (née Tobin). Born in Montreal in or about 1845, in 1869 she married Francis Albert Romuald Langton (1840-1917) of London, who from 1871 was Secretary to ten successive Postmasters General.


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