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Elizabeth Lyska

Elizabeth Lyska

The Russian giant Elizabeth Lyska was born Elisaveta Philipovna on 16 September 1877 at Wiessolyj in Russia. She started exhibiting herself when she was only 11 years old – or so her publicity claimed - it's possible she was a few years older. When she visited Vienna in 1889 she was advertised as being over 7 feet tall but in reality, she was about 6 feet tall at that time. She started touring after her father died, and the family lost their income. Her manager agreed to pay her weekly wages, which were presented as being high enough that she would be able to stop touring after one year and go back to her family. What exactly went wrong with this plan is not known, but a few years later she was still touring as she visited London in 1893. After her London appearance she was never heard of again.

Photographer unidentified.


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