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Daughters of King Cakobau

Daughters of King Cakobau

A carte-de-visite portrait showing two daughters of the Fijian chief Epinesa Cakobau (1815-1883), the self-proclaimed King of Fiji, and his wife, Adi Litia.

Adi Arieta Kuila (died 27 January 1881) is seated, wearing a white smock and skirt. Her younger sister Adi Kakua is standing on the right, holding a posy of flowers.

Photographed by F. H. Dufty of Levuka, on the island of Ovalau [Fiji].

Francis Herbert Dufty arrived in Levuka from the colony of Victoria [Australia] in early 1871. Over the next 16 years, Frank Dufty he first established and then expanded a successful studio on the island, producing many portraits and landscape photographs.


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