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Colonel the Hon. Arthur Edward Hardinge

Colonel the Honourable Arthur Edward Hardinge

A carte-de-visite portrait of Colonel the Honourable Arthur Edward Hardinge (1828-1892), later General the Honourable Sir Arthur Edward Hardinge.

Born on 2 March 1828, he was the second son of the politician and senior army officer Henry Hardinge, later 1st Viscount Hardinge. Following his education at Eton, he was commissioned into the 41st Regiment of Foot in 1844. Soon afterwards he was appointed ADC to his father, then serving as Governor-General of India. In 1849 he transferred to the Coldstream Guards. He went to the Crimea as Deputy Assistant Quartermaster-General in 1854 and was present at the Battle of Alma, Battle of Balaclava, Battle of Inkerman and Siege of Sebastopol. He became Assistant Quartermaster-General at Shorncliffe in 1856 and in 1858 he was appointed Equerry to Prince Albert. Following the Prince Consort's death in 1862, he became Equerry to the Queen.

On 30 December 1858 he married Mary Georgina Frances Ellis, daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel the Honourable Augustus Frederick Ellis. Their marriage produced three daughters and one son.

Hardinge was promoted full general on 1 April 1883 and in 1886 he was appointed Governor of Gibraltar, a post he filled until 1890. He was made KCB in 1886.

General the Honourable Sir Arthur Edward Hardinge died on 15 July 1892 from injuries sustained a fortnight earlier in a carriage accident at Weymouth. 'Sir Arthur and one of his daughters were out driving, when the reins became entangled. Sir Arthur endeavoured to put them right, when the dogcart overturned, and he and his daughter were thrown violently to the ground. The lady was not severely hurt. Since the accident her Majesty has made constant enquiries as to Sir Arthur's condition' (Derby Daily Telegraph, 16 July 1892). According to other reports, the horse took fright and the occupants of the 'high dogcart' were thrown out onto a heap of stones.


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