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Colonel George Barlow

Colonel George Barlow

Identified in the Silvy daybooks as 'Colonel Barlow,' this is probably Colonel George Edward Pratt Barlow, formerly of the 22nd Regiment of Foot, who retired on 28 June 1838.

Following his death on 6 March 1865, a short obituary appeared in the Morning Advertiser (10 March 1865): 'We have to record the death of Colonel George Edward Pratt Barlow, formerly of the 22nd Foot, and late chairman of the Southampton Dock Company. The gallant deceased, who expired at 8, Leonard-place, Kensington, on Monday last, entered the army April 24, 1803, and became lieutenant December 25 following. He served in India under Lord Lake during the campaigns of 1803-4 and 1805, and was present at the siege of Deig, battle of Futtyghur, siege of Bhurtpore, and battle of Afzalghur. He became Captain October 14, 1805, and served at the capture of Bourbon and the Isle of France in 1810. He became major March 26, 1812; lieutenant-colonel, December 4, 1823; and colonel, June 28, 1838.

Photographed on 17 May 1861 by Camille Silvy of London.

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