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Carlotta Leclercq as 'Ophelia'

Carlotta Leclercq as 'Ophelia'

A carte-de-visite portrait of the British actress Carlotta Leclerq, seen here dressed as 'Ophelia' in a production of Shakespeare's Hamlet.

Carlotta Leclercq was a popular actress who made her debut around 1848 as a dancer in The Harvest Home at the Adelphi Theatre in London. In 1857 she played Miranda in Charles Kean's production of The Tempest at The Princess's Theatre. During the 1867-68 season at the Adelphi she appeared in The Colleen Bawn and A Day of Reckoning, and was praised for the pathos of her interpretation.

In 1873 she took Wilkie Collins's The New Magdalen to the United States. However, despite her training and talent, she never became popular with US audiences.

Photographed by Napoleon Sarony of 680, Broadway, New York.


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