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Captain Colin Yorke Campbell

Captain Colin Yorke Campbell

A carte-de-visite portrait of Captain Colin Yorke Campbell (1812-1893).

According to his obituary in the Times (2 February 1893): 'Admiral Colin Yorke Campbell (retired), whose death at Kensington was announced yesterday, was the only son of the late Rear-Admiral Donald Campbell, who died in 1857, by Anne Irvin, daughter of the later Rear-Admiral Sir Charles Douglas. He was born in 1812, entered the Navy about the year 1826, and became a lieutenant in 1838. As such he served at the Cape, in the Mediterranean, and in the West Indies. He attained the rank of commander in 1846, and was in 1851 appointed to the steam sloop Devastation, 6, on the North American Station. From this ship he was promoted, in 1853, to be captain. He retired in 1864, and became a retired rear-admiral in 1869, a retired vice-admiral in 1875, and a retired admiral in 1879. Admiral Campbell, was was a D.L. and J.P. for Argyllshire, was at the time of his death staying in London.'

He married, on 1 July 1847, Elizabeth, second daughter of James Hyde, of Apley on the Isle of Wight.

Admiral Campbell died on 1 February 1893.

Photographed by Camille Silvy of London on 1 November 1861.


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