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Bishop of Ely

Harold Browne, Bishop of Ely

Born the second son of an Army colonel in 1811, Edward Harold Browne – usually known as Harold Browne – was educated at Eton and Emmanuel College, Cambridge. He was ordained a deacon in 1837 and a priest the following year. After occupying various positions, he was appointed Bishop of Ely in 1864. He was translated to the see of Winchester in 1873, which he held until his resignation in 1890.

He was a moderating influence in the conflict arising from Essays and Reviews (1860) and Bishop John Colenso’s series of treatise on the Pentateuch. His Exposition of the Thirty-Nine Articles in two volumes (1850 and 1853) held its place as a standard work for many years.

Photographed by John and Charles Watkins of London.

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