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Augustine Duverger

Augustine Duverger

A carte-de-visite portrait of the French actress Augustine Duverger, who appeared in two French plays by Octave Feuillet at London's St James's Theatre between April and June 1860.

Born Julie-Joséphine-Augusta Vaultrain de Saint-Urbain, she adopted the stage name Mdlle Augustine Duverger and appeared first in the provinces before securing a position at the Palais-Royal (1844). Although she began her career playing 'la comédie ultra-bouffonne,' she later played drama at the Gaîté and tragedy at the Porte-Saint-Martin. She was appeared at the Gymnase (1850), the Folies-Dramatiques (1863) and the Théâtre Cluny (1869). She first appeared before London audiences in 1848. She attained a number of successes and was known especially for her beautiful eyes.

Photographed in the spring of 1860 by Camille Silvy of London.

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