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Arrest of Henri Rochefort

Arrest of Henri Rochefort

A composite photograph purporting to show the arrest of the socialist and journalist Victor Henri, Marquis de Rochefort-Luçay (1830-1913), better known under the name Henri Rochefort. His tumultuous life was marked by a series of duels and prison sentences.

On the occasion of one of his many arrests, he was confronted by authorities with evidence of his links to various international revolutionaries: ‘In one of your drawers,’ an interrogator noted, ‘were found two photographs of Giuseppe Garibaldi and Giuseppe Mazzini with their autographs.’ ‘That is true,’ Rochefort replied, ‘for those two great patriots did send me their photos.’

‘But that is not all,’ the man continued, ‘for there were also seized several pictures of Henri Rochefort.’ ‘But I am Henri Rochefort!’ Rochefort exclaimed, understandably baffled. ‘I am not denying that,’ the interrogator replied, ‘but it is nonetheless significant that you should have so many portraits of that notorious socialist in your house.’

The photographer is identified by the monogram 'E.F.' on the reverse of the mount. This is probably Louis Emmanuel Flammant of Paris.


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