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A wedding cake

A wedding cake

A caption in the negative indicates that the cake was made by Bolland of Chester.

According to a report in a New Zealand newspaper in 1897: 'The town of Chester has the honour of being famed throughout Great Britain for its wedding cakes made by Mr Bolland, who received the express command of the Queen to make the Prince and Princess of Wales' wedding cake. Since that time Messrs Bolland and Son have fully earned the title bestowed on them by the late George Augustus Sale of "Historic Bridecake Makers to the Royal Family." The receipt from which the Chester wedding cake is made is over a hundred years old, and is kept a profound secret, only one, the best quality being made. It may be assumed that the usual ingredients, butter, sugar, mixed peels, flour, dried cherries, almonds, spices, and last, not least, champagne-brandy play a considerable part in the mixture.'

Photographed by Minshull and Hughes of Chester.

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