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A shooting party

A shooting party

A small albumen print portrait of a shooting party. A pencilled inscription on the album page identifies the sitters as 'Mr Marriott, Tat, Tonny, Oswald, Mr Rane'.

Evidence elsewhere in the album makes it clear that 'Tonny' is Tonman Mosley (1850-1933) and 'Oswald' is his older brother, Oswald Mosley (1848-1915)

Tonman Mosley was a businessman, judge and politician. In 1916 he was raised to the peerage as 1st Baron Anslow, of Iver, in the County of Buckingham. Oswald Mosley succeeded to the family title, becoming 4th Baronet Mosley, of Ancoats, on 24 May 1871. His residences included Rolleston Hall in Staffordshire, where he engaged in farming and cattle breeding. During his lifetime he was sometimes known as 'Baronet John Bull' on account of his broad head and thickset physique. The British Fascist leader of the same name was his grandson.

Photographer unidentified.


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