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A genet

A genet

The inscription on the piece of paper pasted along the lower edge of the glass case reads: 'Genet shot at Ugbrook [sic] Preserved by T. Jacobs, Newton.'

The genus Genetta consists of 14 to 17 species of small African carnivorans.

Ugbrooke House is a stately home at Chudleigh in Devon, located in a valley between Exeter and Newton Abbott.

Thomas Jacobs appears on the 1871 census, a 'Naturalist' living at Wolborough [today considered a suburb of Newton Abbott] with his wife Amy and their four-month-old daughter, also Amy. Thomas was born at Wolborough in or about 1844. He died there on 9 December 1916, aged 72.

Photographed by Joseph Chenhall of Newton Abbott and Tavistock in Devon.

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