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A Welsh girl

A Welsh girl

Photographed by Louis Volpe of Rhyl.

Born in Naples in or about 1828, Louis Volpe appears on the 1851 census, aged 24, living in Liverpool with his uncle Raffaele Volpe, aged 58, and his uncle's young wife, Elizabeth, aged 31. Raffaele was an 'Artist in fancy handwork.' He died in Liverpool in 1855.

On 4 October 1859 at St Catherine's, Liverpool, Louis married his uncle's widow, Elizabeth (née Crocker). He gave his profession as 'Photographer.' The couple appear on the 1871 census living at 61 High Street in Rhyl. They were still together and Louis was still a photographer in 1901. He died later that year. Elizabeth died in 1903.

All the censuses on which he appears record his name as Louis (or Lewis) Volpe. His marriage and and his death, however, are recorded under the name Louis Volpe Aroska.

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