Izaya Dangyee, Burmese attaché or secretary

Izaya Dangyee, Burmese attaché or secretary

The Burmese ambassador and his party were presented to the Queen at Windsor on 21 June 1872. A letter from the Burmese king was read and translated: ‘From his Great Glorious, and Most Excellent Majesty, King of the Rising Sun, who reigns over Burmah, to Her Most Glorious and Most Excellent Majesty Victoria, Queen of Great Britain and Ireland.

‘Madam my Royal Sister – Prompted by a desire to act in accordance with the duties incumbent on independent Sovereigns, who rule over great countries which leads them to establish friendly relations with each other if they do not already exist, and to cement, strengthen, and confirm Royal friendships which have already been established, I have taken it into my most earnest, careful, and deliberate consideration the best means to cause the great friendship that exists between Burmah and England to be placed on a secure, lasting, and firm basis; and having also an earnest desire for the confidential intercourse which independent Sovereigns should have with each other, I have appointed an Embassy […] and have entrusted them with a Royal letter to your Most Gracious Majesty.

‘On arrival in England the Envoys will have an opportunity of bearing personal testimony to the feelings by which I am actuated in regard to the friendly relations which I am anxious to promote between the two countries. I pray to Almighty God that He will ward from you all that is evil, and that he will vouchsafe to shed His benign influence over your Gracious Majesty, the Princes and Princesses (your Majesty’s sons and daughters), and other members of the Royal Family, as well as over your Majesty’s nobles and officers of Government.

‘Given at the Royal Palace of Ratnabon (Mandalay), in Burmah, this eighth day of the Waxing Moon Taboung, 1233, Burmese Era; corresponding with the 5th of February, 1872, Christian Era.

‘I am, Madam, my Royal sister, Your Great and Glorious Majesty’s Good and Royal Brother […] His Great Glorious and Most Excellent Majesty King of the Rising Sun who reigns over Burmah.’

The Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary and his suite stayed in England for the rest of the year, eventually departing from Dover on 14 February 1873.

Photographed by John Watkins of London.

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