Footlight Notes
A charming website devoted to keeping alive the memory of the theatrical performers of the past. As well as hundreds of rare photographs, there are also many biographies and contemporary reviews of the featured actors and actresses.

The American Museum of Photography
An informative website featuring many themed exhibitions on various aspects of photography, all meticulously researched and illustrated with rare and highly interesting examples of the different genres.

Jeffrey Kraus Photographic Antiques
A site selling 19th century stereoviews, CDVs, cabinet cards, etc., primarily of American origin, with an extensive selection of Civil War, California and NYC images.
A website with an enormous stock of stereoviews, and an extremely useful links page to many other photography-related websites.

Soldiers of the Queen
An on-line museum of British military photographs.

Les Hussards
A brilliant website showcasing a superb collection of nineteenth-century photographs featuring Hussar regiments in various countries.
An informative website devoted to French military photographs.

An ambitious website that aims to become the world's leading knowledge-base for the history of photography. A collaborative effort with contributions from dealers, galleries, collectors and institutions around the world.

Art of the Photogravure
A comprehensive resource dedicated to the photogravure. Lavishly illustrated, this is one of the classiest websites around.

Michel Megnin
Two websites in one, both hosted by photo-historian Michel Megnin. One is dedicated to the work of Lehnert and Landrock, the other to the history of photography in Algeria during the nineteenth century, with particular emphasis on the carte-de-visite.
See also his excellent book La photo-carte en Algérie au XIXe siècle (2007).

Un regard sous les dessous du second empire
A beautifully presented website dedicated to the demi-mondaines of the Second Empire, with many rare and wonderful portraits of famous courtesans and actresses.

The London Stereoscopic Company
A superb website dedicated to the stereoviews produced by the London Stereoscopic Company, with sections detailing the history of the company and the work of T.R. Williams, illustrated with many stereoviews from his 'Scenes in Our Village' series. An invaluable source and fascinating reading for anyone with even a passing interest in stereoviews.

J. Cosmas Vintage Photography
A website offering an eclectic collection of fine vintage photography.

The Secret Victorianist
A fascinating blog dedicated to lesser known nineteenth-century novels and plays which were enormously successful in their day but are now forgotten.

Paul Frecker: Nineteenth-Century Photography
Gallery selling various formats of antique photography, including cartes-de-visite, stereoviews, cabinet prints, ambrotypes and albumen prints


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