Q: How do I search the website?
A: If you are looking for a particular person, photographer or subject, then simply use the search facility, which is accessible from any page. Alternatively, you can use the browse function, which will show you a selection of images from the website arranged into categories and sub-categories.

Q: Why couldn’t I find what I was looking for?
A: Keep your search simple. Although every step has been taken to tag all images with as many likely search terms as possible, as a rule it’s still better to keep it short. Try to avoid ranks and titles, as these seldom remained the same throughout a person’s life. For example, if you’re looking for General Sir Charles von Straubenzee don’t type in his full name and title – just search for ‘Straubenzee’.

Q: Are all your images on the website?
A: Many more scans are being added every day but we have thousands of photographs that haven’t been uploaded yet. If you don't find what you want on the website, please send us an email with your requirements and we'll search the rest of the collection to see if we can meet your needs.

Q: How do you supply your scans?
A: Images are scanned at 400 dpi and unless otherwise requested will be supplied as jpegs. These can either be emailed to you or, if you prefer, sent via a dropbox account. Our watermark will not be present on the scans you purchase.

Q: How quickly do you turn orders around?
A: Scans are usually supplied within 24 hours of receipt of payment.

Q: Are discounts available for large orders?
A: Discounts are available on larger orders. If your budget is tight, email us your requirements and we’ll do our best to work with you within your financial constraints.

Q: Is it possible to visit the library?
A: Regretfully, it is not currently possible to view the collection other than via the website.

Q: Do you own original copies of all the images in the library?
A: Most of the scans in the library were taken directly from originals currently in our possession. A small percentage of the scans are the result of collaborations with other collectors. We are actively seeking more collectors who would be interested in collaborating with us.

Q: Is it necessary to sort out copyright with any third party?
A: Since the images in the library were created in the nineteenth century, copyright on all of them has expired. The library provides usage of scans we have created from original photographs and retains all rights over every scan in the library.


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